For Term Two, we are pleased to announce six new courses; two online and four on-site courses.

Online Course Offerings

Fee: RM 450/course

Course Lecturers Credits
Gospel & Acts

Gospel - Multiple Lecturers

Acts - Dr Hans Bayer


Basic Christian Doctrine - The Apostles' Creed

Multiple Lecturers 4

Note: Online materials are taken with permission from Third Millennium Ministries.

每科共11课,学费: RM 225/科 (五月至八月)

新约概论(一)* 2学分

逢星期一 7.30pm – 10pm徐智淳 1




Course Description

This 2 credit hour course aims to help students formulate a rational basis for our faith in Jesus Christ. As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to engage in apologetics, which is the study of how to provide a defense (apologis) to anyone who asks us for a reason for the hope that is in us (1 Pet 3:15). In this course, students will be equipped with various apologetic methodologies and gain exposure to both historical and contemporary challenges to the truth of the Christian faith.

Course Description

This course is suitable for those with no previous knowledge of the language or who need an extensive review in the elements of the language. Students are introduced tot he key elements of New Testament Greek grammar and vocabulary. The course focuses on understanding of NT Greek grammar, parsing of Greek words and translation from Greek to English. The overall objective of the Basic Greek course is to equip students with a working knowledge of Greek as a tool for ministry.

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